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Trouble finding holster, need help.

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Hey all,
I've tried three different holsters for my 4" XD9:
1. Unlce mikes Kydex
2. Galco Fletch
3. Bianchi Accumold for a Ruger P89, the XD snaps right in and fits well w/o slop or being over tight

The Unlce Mike's and the Bianchi have worked the best for me as far as draw stroke is concerned, they were straight up and out from a three O'clock to a three Thirty position on the belt. I am pretty fast with them, but they are not very concealable. Those two cause the gun to stick out a half to a full inch, and leave the butt protruding every which way.
The Galco did an absolutely excellent job of concealment, but the draw stroke is horrid. The only comfortable place for that holster was around the four o'clock position, maybe a little further back. The tightness of the holster(after breaking in and three or more weeks of use), and the angle of draw just don't work for me at all.
Can anyone reccommend something that'd be easily concealable, but would give me an almost up and down draw and holster stroke? It can be Kydex, Nylon, or Leather. I have no preference as long as it is durable, and works.
Thnx everyone

-Mitchell R. Drews
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try www.gunnersalley.com i got an iwb leather for my xd sub...great fit and hand made to fit.....about $40 and i got it i think it was within 2 maybe 3 weeks....but there are 3 manufactures to choose from....i got #1 fist...but i will get the #1 with a forward cant next time....
Ctac or Answer adjustable Iwb and very concealable :D
Heres a link to slightly modified ctac I love it now 8)
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