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Trijicon Night Sights- Novak Style

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It is common knowledge to most of us now that the Trijicon night sights that fit Sigs will also fit our XDs. However, in looking closer at some of the specific models you will see that there are Trijicon Novak sights that are supposed to fit the same Sigs as the other XD-friendly sights. My question is, would these Novak sights also fit our XDs? The lower profile rear sight would be ideal for CCW or just maybe a different look. Someone out there must know the answer to this.
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I have them on my HS 2000 and they are great! :wink:

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Man, that was fast! Thanks for not telling me I should have searched first. That really looks great on your pistol! I would love to have those on the rest of my XDs that don't already have night sights. Two more questions please, which model number did you purchase, and what effect did they have on your pistols point of aim? Thanks again!!!
The point of aim is perfect - didn't change. The model number is SG05. I have a brand new set, unopened, that I'll take $100.00 for, including shipping. I'm an FFL dealer and keep a few sights. Let me know if you want them.
Bubbaman, did you have to do much fitting or did they go in pretty easy (easy being a relative term)?
This is what I did. It wasn't hard at all. I used two very fine files. One is triangle shaped and one is half round. You simply file the front and back dovetail of each sight very lightly. I did mine (I've done a few) until the sights would barely go in using your fingers. When you get them the way you like them, use a dab of Loctite to lock them in place. I think it's better to do it this way because it prevent the dings and scratches often associated with trying to "press" or "tap" them in. Just don't get them too loose.
Unfortunately Bubbaman, I've already blown my XD money for awhile with my sub .40 and its trip to Canyon Creek. Thanks a lot for the offer!!
No problem. :)
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