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Trigger Pull?

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Does anyone know what the standard TP is on the XD-40's.
I just got one a few weeks ago(my 1st pistol) and have only shot a couple hundred rounds through it and it seems like it is really stiff. I guess I would also like to know if the TP loosens up the more you shoot or do I just need to go get a Trigger job done on it?

Thanks for any help
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Factory trigger pull is 5.5 - 7.7 lbs. The Custom Shop offers a 4-4.5 lb pull for their Carry package and 3-3.5 lb for their Tactical package.
Yes it will smooth up with use, lighten up though, I doubt.
Acording to the trigger God Rich they will drop about a half of pound between 500-1000 rounds.I just got two of my Xd's back from him and the carry 4# wich I have two are very nice.
But the comp trigger on my Tac. is 2.5# of pure bliss :D
Link in my sig 135 buck well spent :shock:
Little take up, short reset and no over-travel 8)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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