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I have searched the forum for the answers I seek and the problem isn’t that I can’t find any it’s that I found too much. After about 30 minutes of sifting through over a dozen threads and who knows how many posts all I got was a case of information overload so please don’t flame me if this has been covered somewhere previously. I’m just going to ask the questions and hope someone has the answers.

I was thinking of getting a trigger job done one my xdm but the price tag has been holding me back. It would cost $150 just in shipping to get it to Springer and the trigger job is another $150 so I’m looking at $300 to get it done. The Powder River Precision kit is just over $60 shipped but I have to do the work myself.

I have four questions:

First, how difficult is it to install the PRP kit? I have absolutely zero experience with this sort of thing and I am a little nervous about attempting this. (I do have the proper roll-pin punch however, I got it to swap out the backstrap)

Second, if it is difficult could I have a local gun shop do the work and what would be the ballpark estimate on cost? (I live in WV)

Third, how do the two compare? Has anyone shot an XDM .40 cal with both?

Fourth, Since I’m assuming that the Springer job voids the warranty, does he send you the factory parts and can they be re-installed should I ever need to send the gun back. Of coarse I would also like to know how difficult that process would be as well.

If there are posts out there that specifically answer any of there questions feel free to just post a link and I’ll read them myself, otherwise any direct input would be appreciated.


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I'm no expert pistolsmith however Ive done my share of necessary minor stuff on shotguns & rifles in the past years. If you are not familar with the XDm & XD platform I suggest that you ship the pistol off for tweaking of your choice. Don't skimp on cost when you are wanting something like your firearm to perform. I just recieved two pistols back last week from Powder River Precision & I was very satified with the whole deal. Talking with Daniel about what I was looking for & listening to his suggestions made for some sweet shooting Springfields. Go ahead treat yourself to PRP or Springer & you won't be sorry --

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I did the PR job on my XD45 compact.
It improved the trigger 200%.
There are several threads and videos on the forum that can help you do it.
I wouldn't suggest a local gunsmith, because you can get better info here and thru Daniel at PR and do it yourself.
The PR parts can be removed and original parts replaced if needed.
The parts can be replaced in a matter of minutes.
Daniel is a great guy, he will help you every step of the way.
Once you do it , and see how easy it is, you will be glad you did it.
It will also help you get better acquainted with your pistol.
This thread can help you with the PR work...


This site will help you with disassembly..

Springfield Armory XD and HS2000.com

I've never had a Springer trigger job, I know he does excellent work.
All my questions asked to Scott were always returned promptly and professionally.
But I couldn't justify the $100+ in shipping charges either.

Good luck....1LL

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I've had Springer triggers done on multiple XD's- including my latest XD-M 9mm.

The difference is amazing, and I'm completely spoiled.

To address some of your concerns-
Check with Scott and see if he can get the shipping done cheaper. $150.00 sounds a bit on the high side, and might be including some extra charges that a pack-n-ship type place might add to ship it for you.
I'm thinking shipping should be closer to the $100.00 mark for the round trip.
Also, an FFL can ship it via the post office for a lot less money if you know a good one.
My FFL shipped my XD-M to Scott for about $25.00.

I can't speak to the install itself, as I've had Scott do all of mine.
I'd think a person with average or above intelligence could probably do it though, or PRP and Springer wouldn't be selling drop-in parts.

As for the gunsmith route, I had an XD built by a "gunsmith" with Springer trigger parts. The gun didn't work right. Scott fixed it for me at no charge.
Not every gunsmith is XD worthy!:shock: This guy had done a lot of custom work, but didn't know the workings of completing an XD trigger. You SURE don't wanna get your gun back and not have it done right.

Personally, I like the Springer kit because of the fact that it gets rid of the extra factory take down parts that come in the XD-M. Some have had issues with those parts causing problems. I have absolutely no problem pulling the trigger to take my XD-M down, just like my XD's.
Less junk, less complications.

I don't know if the extra XD-M takedown parts have any effect on trigger pull/feel or not. Maybe Scott or PRP can chime in on that...?

I don't know the details about any differences between the 2 companies triggers. (pre-travel, break, reset, trigger pull lbs, etc)
I would imagine there would be some subtle differences there.

I'm a Springer kind of guy.
Many here like PRP too.

Obviously, either will improve your XD-M's trigger.
Ultimately, you'll have to pick one and go for it.
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