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Greetings all and welcome to the 1st in a (hopeful?) series of range and training reports that I plan on doing. As far as I am concerned, this is the beginning of S7's, 2022 comeback, much like the Elvis '68 Comeback Special.

Well, maybe not quite that prophetic, but I'll do my part to keep it somewhat entertaining.

For some background, I started shooting at age 11, which is normal in the southern US where I grew up. I've hunted in the past (primarily bird hunting with shotgun), I've owned and shot quite a few firearms, but have been out of shooting for the better part of 13 years and, until just recently, haven't shot a sidearm in roughly 8 years. I joined a local range and started getting the HK's out of storage. I also pulled out the XD's that were bought years ago (used) and never fired. It was time to do some cleaning and load up some mags.

I joined a local range and started shooting, realizing the following:

1. Shooting is definitely a perishable skill and must be maintained.

2. Shooting is NOT an easy sport. One shot, no problem. Multiple shots on target, quickly and accurately take practice. Lots of it.

3. Ear protection, while definitely needed, is one of the annoying parts of shooting. I have yet to find a truly comfortable ear-muff set of ear protection. Many other choices, but I've been reminded that they tend to hurt your ears after 45-60 minutes.

Time to take some training, and get so professional instruction. I enrolled in a Tactical Pistol class, as there was no need for the beginner level(s) of gun shooting.

Tactical class was great and I made some good improvement, but I've needed stance work, grip work, high-ready to push-out, on target work. All of the mechanics of shooting. See # 1.

I've also decided to check out and get in to the Action Shooting sports. Static shooting in a range is fun, but it does get rather dull after a 100 or so rounds.

Found a local outdoor range and a class that was this past weekend and had a BLAST!! Pun intended, and as corny as can be.

Two (2) hour of classroom to go over USPSA / IDPA / IPSC, classifications, safety rules, targets, scoring, set up / tear down of course, quite a bit of lecture and all for good reason.

We finally got all that done and split in to two (2) squads for the two (2) courses that were set up. One of the instructors did a live fire demo and we got the line up and got after it.

All in all, the Intro to Action Shooting class was awesome and I'm ready to compete for real. Luckily there are several ranges in my area that offer matches and I'll be in the real deal line up soon.

Pics of the class and the two courses we shot.

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Hi @Signal7,

Oh yeah! This is the kind of training I really enjoy. I've got a scoot-n-shoot clinic scheduled toward the end of the month. It should be quite epic. 😉

Thank you for your indulgence,

You'll love it, it was very fun and takes shooting to a whole different, higher level. I've been practicing daily with my recoil enabled gun and laser training targets.

As for my turn on each respective course, my overall placement was 5th of 19, which I consider a huge success for my 1st time out. The range time, dry fire and holster training I've been doing for the last month was definitely a huge benefit when it came to the live course of fire. I was one of the few that wasn't chastised for having my finger on the trigger (trigger discipline) while moving through the course. 2/3 of the guys broke this rule when they did their runs.
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