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so many nice toys at the gun show and me trying to be a good boy. A nice Cannon built 28 gun safe for 830 bucks, a veritable plethora of XD's. Tactical 40 OD for 429 in one case, same gun, next aisle over 490 and the guy claiming "you won't find one here cheaper". Never had so much fun literally laughing in a guys face. Then there was a 90% Springfield 1873 trapdoor that I put a deposit on. $600 for a $800 value rifle is a decent buy I'd guess. Always wanted one of those, now when the tax refund comes in, I'll probably have one. Damn, now I gotta get that safe.
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Yea, I was there too. What a joke. You can buy most of the stuff they had there locally for alot cheaper. I was wondering if that M-60 they had on display was fully functional though.
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