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Touching up front and rear dot sights...

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Anyone have any tips. Seems like recurring cleaning is starting to wear away the white painted dots - front and rear. I am going to try a little application of white hobby enamel topped off with a drop of clear coat nail polish to make it more durable and solvent resistent. Any other suggestions? Evenually, I probably will go to after-market night sights. Thanks.
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crayola crayon works great, and you can change the colors as you wish.

i saw crayola, because it stays in, unlike some other brands.
White-out. Or get some night sights.
I would use model paint for the sights.. colors you like best. I remember somebody posting about a model paint that glows in the dark if you want night sites...

I don't think the Crayon trick would work all that well for the sights though.. It works great for the engravings... but I would want something more permanent for the sights.

Pssssst, You can use your ole ladies nail polish too...
I used Testor's Model Acrylics for mine. Repainted them with flourescent orange for the front dot and glourescent green for the rear dots. Nice contrast and makes sight allignment fast and easy. This will go away now as I just received my PistolGear group purchase Ameriglo tritium sights on Friday.
I bought a bottle of Bright Sights white paint several years ago and 90% is still left.

This stuff is easy to apply with a toothpick, it is just the right consistency. It also dries to a nice gloss that doesn't yellow with age or attract dirt.
I have a bottel of white touch-up paint that came with my white truck... I use it on most of my hunting rifles... works good..
The white paint trick will work, as well as the nail polish. If you can swing it, I would purchase some night sights. 8)

I use bight sights sight paint also, I use orange for the front sight and green for the rear. I still almost have a full bottle from doing my 3 guns and all my friends firearms also. Expect do redo them if you ever have your gun ultrasonic cleaned....but no biggie.
Captain Ray said:
I don't think the Crayon trick would work all that well for the sights though.. It works great for the engravings...
It works great for the sights. You can actually get alot of crayon wax in those holes, and it stays well. If it gets dirty, just pick it out with a wooden tooth pick and do it again.
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