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took the wife to gator guns.

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so the wife told me that she wanted to go to the range and fire my xd. so we went to gator guns in west palm. (i usually go to tactical zone but my wife wanted ac.) so they got magtech ammo $9 for 50. gotta buy thier ammo. and we set up. this is her first time and i set the target up at 5 yards. her first shot went 1inch above left shoulder after that all shots were on target center of mass in about a 4in grouping :D she did great. funny part was checking out the guy asks what i have i tell him a xd 9mm. he then tells me how he loves his xd tactical and service and then shows me his subcompact he now carries. :lol: we then talk about them for awhile. then went to eat at hops. xd's are starting to invade the ranges, good to see the other polymer frame is loosing ground. 8)
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