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Today at the range

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I'm still breaking in my XDs .45 3.3. I was able to squeeze in an hour at the range this morning. I was using a new brand of reman's today and ran a box of 100 rounds. During the last two or three mags I had a few ftrtb's. I had to nudge the slide forward with my thumb. Never experienced that before with my Sig. Is this common to this weapon or striker fire's? Maybe it was fouling, but I only shot a hundred rounds. Hopefully with more time at the range the issue will resolve itself.

This was all hundred rounds at ten yards.

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Yep, the XDS is capable of amazing 3.3" accuracy ey?

Mine hasn't even thought of burping on any ammo. The most I've shot at one time was 150 but ran like a champ all the way
Was you getting tired? ...possible limpwristing..Or weak rounds- probley not.. I don't think its a fouling issue with only a hundred rounds. any how clean it up well and give it another run. hope it clears up as you can see from your shooting it is a hell of a gun.
It very well could have been fatigue. Sometimes towards the end, my arms get a bit shaky. I have to stop, breath and stretch a bit. That's when I know I'm done for the day. Rounds are too expensive to waste.
though that might be the case...you have to be real solid with a firm grip on that beast.
The fact that you went 50 or more trouble free rounds before problems set in, suggests grip fatigue.

I now there are real "He-Man" types here who'll shoot 500 rounds through their pistols in one range session, but in truth, it's neither necessary or wise. Any time you start getting into micro-pistol categories, you increase the need to have proper physical mechanics for reliability. This is the greatest reason the XD-S had and still has a reputation for being finicky. It is. But it requires dedicated and experienced shooters to make it sing and all others, may experience problems.

I'm a firm believer that this gun is not meant to be a "repel all boarders" pistol designed for the fortress walls during a zombie apocalypse. It's meant as a dependable and accurate defensive firearm that should take care of any and all social issues its owner finds himself or herself embroiled in.

I think a gun should have 2 to 300 trouble free rounds fired through it before it's holstered for defensive purposes. But not all fired at the same time!

My suggestion is to fire 3 or 4 magazines and put it away clean. Do this every time you have a range session and I'd bet you'll find it far more reliable. I fired a few more rounds than normal for me the other day, and found that by the 50th round, my palm and fingers were getting a bit sore. Also, I noticed a bit of wrist soreness from the torque. (My load is 225 grains at about 880 fps which is hotter than ball). It's a kicker of a load in this little killer.

People who try to break in the gun all in the first session are the one's who most complain of malfunctions. Neither my gun nor my son-in-law's XD-S have experienced any difficulties, and we keep our range sessions to 50 or less rounds per. Then we dig out other guns and have fun.
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