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so i was wondering what you all though.

So i have a xd40sc with trijicons installed and i will admit i love it and its slated as my carry gun. "currently have around 800+ rounds down tube

I just ordered a xdm9c and i am thinking of swapping out or upgrading my 40sc to a xd40c "or dump my 40 and just roll with 9mm and 45.

Any who i was offered 700 for the following

xd40sc with Trijicons installed
3 extra shorty mags
4 x pierce grip extensions
serpa cqc holster
supertuck delux horse

all for 700 bones.

as far as guns go i have a xdm9c on the way and a xdm45

so think i should byte ?

I will be getting Trijicons installed on all 3 guns as i prefer them over the stock sights and will need a new supertuck at lest 2 extra shorty mags for each gun and extensions.

So that's what i am pondering with.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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