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Im am an older guy and am not up on the newest stuff. I used to be a dedicated 1911 guy until I decided to give a striker fired pistol a try.
Summer 2012 I bought a new XDM 5.25. I shot it for a year in stock form and liked it. Then I installed Powder River trigger mods. Now the 5.25 is my favorite shooter. I shoot it faster and more accurately than any other handgun that I own.
I also have a Glock 19 with the same level of trigger mods and I like the XDM much more. The G19 is an excellent night stand gun.

Nearing 60 years old my eyes don't see as sharp as they used to so I want to put a mini dot on the XDm 5.25.

I imagine this has been gone over a buncha times but....
What does it take to mount a Fast Fire on my 5.25 with a black slide?
Is it a simple matter removing the stock rear sight and bolt on the Fast Fire? Does the FF come with adapter plates?
What all do I need?
I'd sure appreciate the info.

Many Thanks

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I'm pretty sure as of now there are no adapter plates and it requires a permanent modification to the slide. You may be able to have a machine shop make you an adapter plate for it though. I imagine if someone could come out with one of those they would sell very well.

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Located this info on xdforum.com:

User rsfrid said:
"I ended up going with the Leopold Deltapoint because I couldn't find a mount that mated the Fastfire III with the XDm (they have them for XD but not XDm.)"

This seems odd, everything i have read says that the XD/XDm share the same sight dimensions - Leupolds "all mounts" kit for the Deltapoint includes

Beretta 92
Beretta 90-TWO
Beretta 96
Taurus PT99
Glock 17
Glock 22
Glock 23
Glock 26
Smith & Wesson Revolvers
Smith & Wesson Classic
Smith & Wesson M&P
1911 Standard (Colt)
CZ 75
Springfield XD
Kimber Adjustable
Kimber Fixed

Here's a Deltapoint on an XDm:

Burris sells their mounts individually, for the XD they list

Burris 410328 Mount - Springfield XD (UPC: 000381103284 )http://www.opticsplanet.com/burris-mount-fastfire.html
Burris FastFire Reflex Red-Dot Sight Mounting Plates 410326 410322 410323 410335 410329 410330 410321 410324 410336 410333 410327 410328 410332 410325 410331 410334. Burris Red Dot Sight Accessories.

Here is an XDm with a FastFire:

Once the rear sight is removed, the part of the mount that goes in the dovetail slides in, and is pulled upwards by the base. so it should be very easy to tell if it will work.

If you already own a FastFire, try the FastFire mount. I compared both the FastFire and the Deltapoint when I bought my FastFire II, and while the Deltapoint is a very nice optic, it wasn't twice-the-price-of-the-FastFire nice.

Mark H.

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The XDM 5.25 has a unique target site that is screwed to a recess in the top of the slide. You do not need to have the slide machined. Springer precision sells an adapter that installs in place of the factory site. The Burris mounts to it. Works great. Like you, my old eyes need all the help I can get. This setup made a great shooting pistol even better.

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and for those who don't want to mill the slide or dedicate to a Red Dot only, you might want to consider sight mounts from NeuMount or UM Tactical.
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Another advantage of undermount to frame is that the dot is not moving with slide.
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