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Product name:Glow-On
Type: Super phosphorescent glow in the dark concentrated paint.
Binder: Water based industrial grade acrylic polymer.
Heath resistant: Yes
Presentation: Paint and film forms.


Before and after:

Uses: gun sights, fishing lures, small electronics, scope dials and controls, etc.

Recommended product if you are into customizing your guns. The stuff works nice, and their customer service is excellent.
Your products are amazing. Just got your large bottle of Original glow paint and a large adhesive glow sheet. Put some on my wife's Ruger SR9C tonight and it looks great. Much more brighter than the tritium sights on my 1911. Thanks again for the fast shipping too.
Where to find it?

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Glow-on @ Amazon.com:

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glow-on super phosphorescent

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Very good product. I've used it for a couple years on my CZ PCR D and Rami and my ghost ring sights on my shotgun. daylight will charge the sights just fine. when I go to bed I usually hit mine for 10 seconds front, 10 seconds rear and they'll glow from 10pm til 6am.
I love this product...it works way better than i could have ever imagined...ive pout it on all my pistols...this weekend actually going to put it on my rifle sights

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