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I went out this am to double check the accuracy of a pretty good load I worked up for my XD40 SC: 4.4 grains of Power Pistol with a 172 grain Lee cast bullet. They didn't group as well for me today from the bench: 1.5 inch group at 21 feet as opposed to the .82" group (4 shots, the 5th was a flier) that I shot the other day. I then shot offhand at 21 feet. 4 shots in .82 inches. The fifth shot was a flier that made the group 1.8 inches. Not very often that you shoot a tighter group offhand than on a bench. Wierd. I wish I wouldn't get rattled and shooting those fliers that are ruining my groups!

I think part of the problem was the direction of the sun. I had a bit of trouble with the sights when firing from the bench. I got along better, standing and shooting offhand. I was still pretty happy with this bullet/powder combination so loaded up 300+ rounds when I got home. It sure is an easy shooting load. I'm shooting at the steel target shoot tommorrow and am looking forward to using these loads.

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