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I think it depends.
With CHAZ, a wouldbe tyrant stepped up imediately.
A small town with a powerful family with strong connections would be similar.

In a major city, gangs will likely still control the same areas they do currently. Those in those areas will be vassals at best. There may be some turf wars as well.

The burbs will be interesting.will the inner city gangs flee the inner city and stake out more fruitful territory?

In my area, we've got a National guard depot.
Will those guys be shipped off to the cities before things fail? If not, that might be the natural focus of law and order, but my house is too rural and probably outside a range they could patrol.

Another thing to consider is you gun nut density. Pretty darned low in CHAZ. Quite a bit higher in my hood. I would say I am far from the top gun nut at my place of work. I'm not even sure I'm in the top quarter. People are bound to be a touch more polite here.

All sorts of variables. I suspect Chaz won't be typical. It require a near perfect monopoly of force to exist outside of government. CHAZ is also unique because they have limits before the tanks roll in and crush their barricades. If Chaz was completely without limits, I would expect the chandiliered caddy to start making rounds in virtually no time.
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