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I heard the statement below and then I heard
the reply. Sounds pretty good to me.

"Like it or not, a private citizen who's armed outside the home and gets involved in a shoot out, is going to pay a heavy price for it"


"Any private citizen who is 'unarmed' and gets into a shoot out will pay a even heavier price".

Gunfight Etiquette or "Ten Things you should know before the Shoot Out"

1. Your participation in a Gun fight does not require your permission. This little know fact often escapes people such as Sara Brady and the million moms, who assume anyone participating in a shoot out does so strictly voluntarily basis.

1. You are expected to supply your own gun for the gun fight. As silly as this may sound, having a gun is the reason the event is referred to as a "Gunfight". You may bring more than one gun to the fight. However, this does not obligation you to share the extra gun with any individual who decided to attend the event unarmed. You may, if you wish, share your second (usually smaller) gun with the individual after the fight. This gesture is known to those who participate in the gunfight as "a throw down".

3. Your gun should be loaded, preferably with hollow points. It is considered the "height of rudeness", to a criminal, burglar, or even a lowlife rapist and mugger to be expected to wait while you to load your gun or attempt to remove your trigger lock. This practice not only shows you were unprepared for the event but it demonstrates a general lack of respect for your fellow participants.

4. "A great big gun will always beat a great " little gun". This saying roughly translates to "A 12 gauge with .00 will blow away a .22 single shot.

5. While you are not expected to remain in the area and clean up after the other participants once the fight is over, a prudent person will take the extra moment to reflect, look around and ................collect his brass before leaving the scene. This common practice is known as "Policing the Area".

6. Wearing body armor to a gunfight is considered at best " not sporting" and "out right cheating" in most circles. The use of body armor will often result in your being excluded from future gunfights so don't say you weren't warned. This practice is the main reason police officers are no longer invited to the "Gangbanger Annual Neighborhood Drug fest and Shoot out".

7. Gunfights sponsored by the local law enforcement agency will often require you to supply your own gas mask in addition to a gun. Should you survive the gunfight, your participation in the Police sponsored celebration immediately following the event is considered mandatory in most states.

8. Reloading and continuing to shoot at the other participants, once they are dead or unconscious, is considered "extremely unsportsman like conduct" and will result in a severe reprimand or penalty from the judge. However, that being said, remember, there is room for only one liar in the courtroom. This behavior is commonly referred to as "the insanity defense".

9. Taunting your fellow participants before, during and after a gun fight is still considered "bad form" since Most Newspaper Reporters do not understand gun terminology. A statement like "When the two muggers drew their red tipped squirt guns and demanded my wallet.... I was in fear of my life....... the entire time I was shooting and "reloading *" the 100 round magazine of my Thompson Submachine gun" can and will be twisted out of context when a simple " no comment" will usually serve the best interests of all surviving parties. (*see rule number 8)

10. If the gunfight is sanctioned by the FBI or the BATF, under "no" circumstances inquire about "The Rules of Engagement" while standing in a open doorway .... they will rightfully assume you were foolish enough to have forgotten rule number 1.

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