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Welp- One XD is not enough. Two is not enough. Three... getting closer!

I have been carrying a XD-9 service for a while now as my CCW. My wife got a XD-9 SC back in Aug and after carrying it a couple times, I decided that it really is more comfortable and easier to conceal in FL, where untucked tee-shirts are the usual concealment garment. Found a XD-9 SC stainless today in a pawn shop for $350. It was filthy, but barely showed any serious wear.

Anyway, what is a new gun thread without pictures! (with camera phone :( )

The XD Family

The Extended family

Next on the list is a Springer "Loaded" 1911 and a Walther P22. I think the next XD will be a tactical 40 or 357 SIG.

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