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I can offer some input here... I've carried a lot of weapons over the years, as a combat veteran, and a 40 year licensed to carry American. Over my experience, I have found that every advantage is an advantage. I've honed my carry skills over many years. I see these talks about night sights and so forth, and find that night sights offer an advantage over black iron sights. I also believe in Crimson laser sights. Having both, give you two advantages.. but for me and my " anal litical " interpretation of self defense. I have come to the conclusion that NO sights are good sights for defensive carry...... Reason.. you don't want to be looking at a front sight to get a good sight picture. You want to be looking at the threat or multiple threats. You can't do that by looking at sights. I feel more confident in painting a center mass red dot on a threat from 50/75 feet away and be able to see their next move without looking at sights.. Seeing that red dot on the threat with both eyes open and scanning slightly left and right gives a great advantage. A threat can be turned around when that red dot is on their chest ( something you want to do in lew of the alternative ). . from a distance, the quicker and further away you can keep ( stop ) a threat, the advantage is yours., if a threat has to take action from 50/75 feet away he will hopefully think he has enough room to escape an aggressive defender. If he chooses a shot at that distance, it would be a rushed shot, without a lot of confidence in his placement.. he already knows where my placement is located.. But as far as this thread goes, Ill take both Meprolight night sights and crimson laser sights. A definite advantageous upgrade.

With all respect. We can't play hunter ninja bear all night
Just to make sure...We are offering a simple affordable solution here.
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For example:

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It didn't go very well.. They just got me moving in circles for a couple of weeks and my yard paid the consequences

I decided to ask around at the hardware store and a farmer gave me this solution;
"If you want to get rid of those moles, the first thing you have to do is to get rid of their food" and so he handed me a bag of grub killer!

$15.00 dollars and a couple of days after, they are gone.......I just needed a simple solution

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