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This one is my wife's 709 I'm putting up for sale, its barely used, only 50 rds through it and no problems at all, she ran Fiocchi 147 grain, every trigger pull gun fired and ejected.
I love the gun performs flawlessly and is a great ccw, the gun handled great for such a small 9mm. The only complaint is the hi cap mags are a myth. My wife want to get rid of it to fund another 9mm but a little beefier due to her not wanting to carry and only will be used as a range/home defense gun.

Comes with case, 2- 7 round mags, Taurus manual and a iwb ambidextrous holster

$350 shipped to your FFL or will consider trades, keeping in mind it's for a lady, can't go bigger then 9mm and no revolvers and handguns only.



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