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Tampa, FL - beaches area here

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Hey gang ... just ventured out and bought an XDm .40 ... have yet to shoot but pretty happy with the design and ergonomics.
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Welcome from Clearwater!
Welcome from Wonderful Wyoming.
Welcome from Wisconsin.
Welcome from fort lauderdale Florida!!
I love Tampa it's so quiet and relaxing out there compare to here
Welcome from Iowa
Hi and welcome to the forum from Colorado
Welcome from the West Palm Beach area!

I love St. Pete Beach...that's what old Florida is!
Welcome aboard the XDM train! Hope to see you at some matches down there.

Welcome from Clearwater.
Welcome from Arizona.
hello there
welcome from Washington
Welcome from Germany
Welcome from Clearwater.
You stole my line!!! :)
Welcome from Ohio.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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