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Talon Grips Are Amazing!!!

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Just a heads up for anyone who is looking for a better grip on their XD. Just got in my talon grips for my xdsc40. Wow! I spent 10 bucks on them and got free shipping. They are perfect for EDC. They don't bulk up your gun and give you an amazing grip. Best 10 bucks I've spent! Highly recommend them!
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Pictures or it didnt happen. These are the rules lol
Here is a quick pic. For those wondering where my slide is. James is working on some TFOs and a Duracoat refinish for me. ;) Firearm Gun Trigger Starting pistol Airsoft gun
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Looks pretty nice. I might have to have me some of those.
talon grips r a rip off, use grip tape its more homely.
Personally, I'd rather get a roll of 3M Outdoor Tread Tape (Safety Step/Ladder Tread tape), for the same price, or even cheaper. I've had my roll for more than a year and have replaced tape on 3 guns several times already (either because they were smeared w/ oil or they've thinned out a little), and I still have a lot left from the roll ;) Some guys also use skateboard tape, but from where I come from, 3M Tread tape is cheaper.
My point is that the skateboard tape is a great choice for enhancing your grip on your XD in general. How you get it on or what method you use whether talon grips or doing it yourself, thats up to you. For me 10 bucks is 10 bucks and I dont have to worry about spending time cutting out the perfect shape for my XD.I don't do nothing fancy with my guns but EDC and occasional monthly range visits. So I'm pretty sure my talon grips are going to last a long time or long enough to get my 10 bucks worth. When its all said and done I recommend some form of skateboard tape on your handle. It really enhances the grip and doesn't add extra bulk! ;)
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