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I bought a used Tactical 45 and promptly sent it off to Springer for some "required" work. Several hundred later and one awesome shooting machine later I finally get to run it.
It jams!
One of those ugly jams where the whole bullet is stuck between the back of the ejection port and the side of the barrel. Did I mention that the slide wont retract once this happens which I dont understand.

After looking the whole system over I see that the Dons guide rod and spring had been tuned by a "gun plumber" (the original owner). The recoil spring had clearly been clipped.

As soon as the heavy guide rod from Springer arrives as well as the Wolff springs (18.5 stock and 20 for grins), I pop in the 18.5.

It jams!

So I decide that I will use the 20. Problem and source of my question - the 20 is 2 coils longer than the entire slide. This cant be right - can it?

I cant get the spring in the slide and all I can figure is that I am supposed to plumber the spring which Im not willing to do.

So Im looking for direction as I hate the idea of carrying a hammer to the range to pound out the bullet.
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