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Which tactical light/laser would you recommend?

  • Viridian XL5

  • Viridian C5L

  • StreamLight TLR-1s

  • StreamLight TLR-2s

  • Beamshot GB 9000G

  • Beamshot GB 8800S

  • Beamshot 8100S

  • Surefire X300

  • Surefire X400

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I'm looking for a tactical light for my XD9 Service model. Not looking for something to hold in my hand, it MUST attach to the rail of my gun. All I really need is a light, if it comes with a laser then thats just a bonus for me.

So far I've narrowed my options it down to these:

GB 9000G

GB 8800S




Feel free to add any options I failed to find. Looking for something of high quality, with high lumens and preferably rechargeable (but not required)

Which one do you have? What is, in your opinion, the best option? Not looking for a pissing contest here, just some grade A opinions.

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Owned the C5L, had to sell it to pay rent one month I was short ( college student). It was super bright and the laser was amazing. we tested it out in the apartment ( off the firearm of course) and if you were on the other end of it, well it sucks haha. It has strobe for the laser and light. It was very solidly built, I plan on purchasing one again once I graduate.

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Get the Surefire X300. I own/have owned lights by several mfr's (Streamlight, Insight, Surefire...) and Surefire makes the best.

A close runner up, though, is the Insight WX150...I wish they'd can the strobe option, though.

And leave the laser for the Pink Floyd planetarium shows.

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I just ordered the SC-Gl-MIL Tactical Green Laser/Light it's the exact same as the TLR-2 looks the same and everything only difference I can find is it has SC GI MIL on the side(built with all the same stuff) just made in China so its cheaper. It should be coming in in the next 2 days or something. I'll let you know what I think.

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I know nothing about tactical gun mounted lights, I wouldn't use one.
I've got a CTC on my LCP, but that is the only laser I would ever use.

That stated:
My dealings with Surefire have been excellent the last 5 years I've been buying Surefire products.
I now own 6 Surefires, use 1 at work, 1 in each vehicle, 4 spread throughout the house.
I will not buy any other flashlight, ever.
I've dealt with their customer service twice and they sent me parts for free.

If I ever get that HD shotgun, you can be sure a Surefire forearm will be installed on it..;)

I recommend Surefire because of my great experiences with their products...
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