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Ok folks...

I have a couple LEFT HAND holsters for the compact 1911s. All Officer's model frame size is what we are talking about. One is a Galco Concealable and the other is a Kramer IWB holster. I want to get rid of them as I am not left handed AND I don't have a 1911 compact anymore. These came with a gun I bought years ago and I still have them. They are in great shape and very useable.

What I am looking at is some sort of swap for them..... I don't care if we are on the spot dollar for dollar value. I just want to swap them for something I can use. These have been sitting in my holster box for a long while now...and I would rather have a knife...or magazines...or ???????

I am ok with anything shooting related or knife related. I am assuming that the Kramer is approximately a $100 dollar holster and the Galco is prolly $65 bucks or some such value. If you are a lefty and need some leather for your compact 1911....send me something...damn near anything useable for me....and I will send them out. I just need to find that lefty guy with the 1911 compact that wants to swap damn near anything for damn near free holsters.

Let me know what you have to swap...you pay your shipping to me....I'll pay mine to you in the lower 48.

Let me know...

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