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I have for sale an STI COMPETITOR in 38 super. I am the second owner of this gun and I do not recall the original owners round count, though he stated it was a backup gun. I have put around 1000 rounds through it since I got it. I am selling it to fund a limited gun since I like that division more.
The gun is in perfect condition and would make anyone a great gun whether your first or your hundredth.
STI Competitor trubore in 38 super in stailess steel
STI magwell
STI internals with a great 2lb trigger
New Style OKO dot optic with blast shield
Nice slide lightening cuts
Slide Racker
Aftec extractor
SV trigger with long flat insert
Swenson left side thumb safety mated to standard STI thumb safety on right(rt side Senson and lt side STI included with parts)
One piece guide rod
(2) 170 mm STI 38/9mm mags with Dawson Basepads and Arredondo followers
(1) 140 mm STI 38/9mm mag with Dawson Basepads and Arredondo follower
(5) New CR2032 batteries for scope
Included in sale is approximately 2500 NEW Starline 38 super cases and approximately 400 used cleaned cases.
Price is $2700 $2600 $2400 shippped FFL to your FFL. I will include 338 rounds of loaded ammo for a FTF sale.
This is a super gun and runs 100% if you do your part. Thanks for looking.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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