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I wanted to install a wedge on my Mod.2's Scorpion holster so I decided I'd try out a simple modification. I bought the Flex Hardware Kit also from Stealthgear because I like having spare parts for my holsters, and used some of the extra hardware supplied.

Extra parts needed for this mod:
1× Raven Concealement Wedge ($10)
2× Long Screws from Kit
2× Washers (normally used on shell side)

1. I took 2 washers from the Flex Hardware Kit ($11) and jammed them into the recessed holes of the wedge. Took me a minute to figure out the best way to press them in, and it definitely was a tight fit. Flat washers would probably also work, but I didn't have any small ones laying around. And I definitely recommend doing this step because I destroyed my first wedge by tightening the screws just into the nuts, which ripped straight through the rubber inside the holes. The posts on the nuts seemed to be a good fit in the washers.
2. Next I removed the hardware from the Scorpion, reusing the spacers, washers on the kydex, and the nuts. I put a dab of blue threadlock on the longer screws and inserted then back through the shell and ventcore backing.
3. The holes on the Raven Wedge are slightly more spaced out than the shell of the Scorpion, so I made sure to get the screw started in one of the nuts, then squeezed the wedge until the other hole lined up with the next screw. Make sure to not crossthread it!

I gotta say, this is an awesome addition to my Scorpion and it conceals my Mod.2 even better than I would have thought possible. The wedge also makes squatting and sitting more comfortable. Love this holster!!
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