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Standardizing on Glock 9mm

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I am wanting to standardize on Glock 9mm for my carry and home defense purposes, mainly for the mag compatibility. I have the 19X for home and sometimes carry, but want something just a bit smaller for EDC. I believe my choices are the Glock 26 and the Glock 19. I can get the MOS version for the 19. I can also get the slide milled for a red dot for the 26, at extra expense.

What opinions do you guys have on my idea? Which gun is more shootable? Accurate? Easier to EDC? Better all around gun?

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If you want mag standardization, the G26 is as small as you can get (43/x/48 all use a different mag).

Gen 5 G26 has a MOS version available.
Personally, I think having all matching mags is, well…silly.

First off, you can break stuff inserting an overlong/extended mag (eg, putting a G19 or 17 mag into a G26, etc) too forcefully—like you would under stress.

Second…as long as it’s fairly obvious that the mags are different, it shouldn’t be an issue.
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts