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Standardizing on Glock 9mm

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I am wanting to standardize on Glock 9mm for my carry and home defense purposes, mainly for the mag compatibility. I have the 19X for home and sometimes carry, but want something just a bit smaller for EDC. I believe my choices are the Glock 26 and the Glock 19. I can get the MOS version for the 19. I can also get the slide milled for a red dot for the 26, at extra expense.

What opinions do you guys have on my idea? Which gun is more shootable? Accurate? Easier to EDC? Better all around gun?

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My Gen 5 G26 with factory Ameriglo Bold NS has been my #1 for several years now. To sound cliche, it punches above it's weight for accuracy and magazine versatility, and in spite of other competitive offerings I've had by Glock and other manufacturers, none of them have come close to dethroning it for my needs (G43X, P365, P365XL, P10 S, FN 509C).

The only thing it's sorely lacking is a proper light rail, for which I use a rail adapter by Recover Tactical for somewhat of a "Frankenstein's Monster" to use a TLR7A.

For other purposes I have a Glock 45 (also w/factory Ameriglo Bolds) with a spare G19.5 frame. Just depends on my mood which configuration I want to use if not the G26, but especially if I need to use my TLR1 HL.

*Old pic when I was using the TLR6:

Gun barrel Tints and shades Trigger Gun accessory Air gun

Current configuration:

Gun accessory Personal protective equipment Handgun holster Fashion accessory Metal

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Airsoft gun

The alternatives:

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Gun accessory
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That "21" round poop brown mag actually holds 19 rounds, not 21. FYI.
Yeah, I know. Was distracted when making that picture! Was thinking of the +2 extended magazine on my old P-09 MHS

Photograph White Black Air gun Trigger
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