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I have put about 200-400 rounds thru my hand gun and the other day I was shooting like normal but this time I was using aluminum 9mm federal {first time ever using aluminum ammo} as I was shooting I could see sparks flying out of the chamber there was a instant WTF moment so I shot a few more rounds and the target was maybe 15-20 feet away with about a 15-20 foot dirt berm behind it!! as I was shooting I could hear the bullets hitting the trees above the dirt berm! what could cause this? I took the gun apart and I could see where the recoil spring had scratched the bottom of barrel I don't know if the recoil spring being bad could cause this or not!
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I think your fine.
Same thing happens to mine if I use federal aluminum. I'm not sure about the bullets hitting the trees above it. But the Sparks are from the ammo.

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The "sparks" are simply escaping gas/burned powder escaping around the cartridge case. Aluminum simply does not expand the same way as a a brass case, and does not provide the same chamber sealing capability. Not to say it is unsafe, for it is. But there can be noticeable differences in firing and even in extraction. Not sure about the idea that your rounds were "hitting above a 15-20 berm (assuming the angle of aim was not upward) but that may have been of a reaction to the "spark" phenomena than anything else being somewhat startling.
thanks for the info ill try brass today
Maybe the lack of accuracy was from watching the fireworks show instead of the sights. :lol:
I used to shoot a lot of Blazer crap aluminum cased ammo because I shot an awful lot and it was cheap. Then I had problems with 2 guns using it and had a gunsmith tell me to "stop using that crap!" :) Recently I was looking for 44 special ammo for my 44mag rifle and could only find Blazer aluminum for it so I got it and haven't had any problems out of a rifle but I'd avoid it if you can.
Only thing aluminum is good for is a beer can
Beer from a can!!!???!!!??? :shock:
1. marks on barrel - normal - recoil spring is flexing during compression so it rubs against barrel. Finish only, no harm
2. sparks - as already mentioned, aluminum does not seal as well as brass so you are getting a light show that brass does not give
3. hitting high - now this is just a theory, may not be what you are doing. When diagnosing a problem with gun some shooters will tend to look over their gun, without realizing they cock their wrist, that drops grip so barrel rises. To be sure go shoot without worrying about the scratches and sparks.
Beer from a can!!!???!!!??? :shock:
A can? You bet. Try crushing an empty beer bottle in your hand!

Know your blood type before doing so.
Beer from a can!!!???!!!??? :shock:
A lot of craft brewers are using cans these days. Better stability, keeps light out, doesn't shatter like glass (can take on beach or river, camping, golf course, etc), packs better like Tetris, coolers/ packaging/ fridges /etc, no taste difference once poured into a cup, and many more reasons.

Why Canned Beer Is Better - Business Insider

Craft Beer Cans vs. Bottles - Is There a Difference

Why Cans A Good Question Indeed. Indeed Brewing Company

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Only thing aluminum is good for is a beer can
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That stings Jed, that really stings......
Canned beer is NASTY.

I shoot aluminum cased ammo out of my S&Ws often never had an issue and never noticed fire and sparks but then again I'm looking at the TARGET .
Canned non-craft beer is NASTY.
Fixed that for you. Canned craft beer FTW!
I avoid cans for any food stuff. BPA isn't safe.
Fixed that for you. Canned craft beer FTW!
Nope canned beer tastes different then bottled beer Jo matter the maker. I can taste the metallic can taste
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