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My old man is looking at buying an XD 9. Are they worth the money for a 9?
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biggun said:
My old man is looking at buying an XD 9. Are they worth the money for a 9?
I own two; Service & Tactical models. I say they are still one of the best values on the market. You get your Pops that gun, and make him smile.
Are they worth the money?

The Springfield XD is a lot of pistol for the money. Buy one. :D
They say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, I be holding three beauties. Better value than a Bourbon Street Hooker. Lots of banging, a longer ride and I can pull the trigger anytime I want! :shock:
Heck, better have him get two XDs.
I am a recent XD owner. I love it. I was all set to buy a glock 19 until I fired an XD. It is a great gun. You would not go wrong.
Yes, is the answer to your question.....I own the XD9 and the XD40 both service models....I love each of them, I also own two glocks...and as much as I like the Glocks...The XD's are my favorite....They will perform just as goor if not better than the Glocks...They will have a better grip/feel than the glocks, and they will cost about 100.00 bucks less than a glock....

Tom :wink:
Other then a CZ-75, the XD is the best buy out there money wise. I own both and love both.
Around the end of December.me and a buddy went looking at guns at lunch one day.I was looking mostly for a Taurus semi auto,as I have had decent luck whith them before.$0 minite later I ledt with a XD9 service model with the holster and mags special.
Mid March,......I now have two 9mm XD's, 4in service model and a 9mm sub compact, and a XD 40,service.For me,I dont think they can be beat for the money.Springfield has some issues with someof the models,nothing real bad,but with a lifetime warranty and really great
customer service,they seem to get handled without much pain.

I bought one several months ago and love it. When I was a COP i wished I had this type of firearm. Now that ret LEO can carry that what I will carry as a PI :twisted:
form follows function.
Xd does this best,
in the array of short range defense semiautomatics.
Just picked up my XD 9 Tactical a week ago to start USPSA and for home defense.

I like the way it feels and shoots. Have 300 rounds through it with no problems.

Being a lefty i love the ambidextrious mag release. sights line up much easier than any of the rental guns i tried before my friend showed me the XD

Just waiting for Old School to get the BT lefty holsters in and i will be going to the range with my sleeping bag :D


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