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Springfield OEM barrels?

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Is there any way you can get me a Springfield OEM .357 Tactical barrel? I would rather have an OEM barrel since the EFK and Barsto barrels have tighter match chamber dimensions and I am looking for OEM reliability.

I know you have a number of factory parts listed on your site but I didn't see a listing for barrels.

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Wow Scott I didn't expect a response from you, I thought James would respond. I guess you're everywhere. I would have asked you first but I figured James was the one who carried all the factory parts.

That's too bad Springfield isn't making the parts available, maybe it's just a matter of not being able to keep up with the demand on the pistols. Maybe I'll just make do with EFK, are they still due at the end of the month?

It's cool with me, I was just surprised you answered.
Here is Springfields response (basically the same thing Scott said earlier) to my request for a replacement barrel.

We do not sell the XD barrels separately. You may want to try Barsto, they do sell an aftermarket bbl.



Customer Service Department

Springfield Incorporated

420 W Main Street

Geneseo, Illinois 61254



This doesn't make any sense to me? Why not sell spare parts? :roll:

They referred me to Barsto but as I stated in my first post I don't want the tighter chamber dimensions as this may become a defensive pistol.

Anybody have a EFK .357 tactical barrel in their .40 tactical? Does it feed RELIABLY during rapid fire?

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