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Springfield Coustom -vs- Robar industries

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I am planning to get my pistol refinshed with Robar (their Roguard and Np3 finsh combo) or SA's Custom Black T finish. Both are about the same price but I was wondering what experiences everyone has had with each of the finishes and which would be better for the money. I am leaning towards Robar since places like Thunder Ranch has given them an endorsement but am still unsure. If anyone has done their pistol with either company would y'all mind posting pics? BTW Robar is running a 15% internet special until April 15 so that is another reason for possibly going with them TIA
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If you decide t have any work done on say the trigger while it`s being refinished, Robar`s doesn`t do any XD trigger work. So that may sway your decision toward the SA shop.
I had Robar's NP3... Its fantastic
I like the NP3, it's self lubricating and doesn't show scratches easily.

Not the best pic
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NP3 is self lubricating however it is only self lubricating if its NPS against NP3 meaning the slide and frame needed to be NP3. In the case of the XD, the fram is not so some lube is still needed. Less than normal, but you still need some
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