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SIG Glock Ruger Hk M&P S&W Springfield Taurus
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One of the dealers here in town also had the fde Hellcats with five magazines out on the shelves for display + Gear Up Poster up on the wall...
They have to compete with the M&P Shield Plus, Glock 43Xs & SIG P365s

I emailed SA Customer service about only receiving one magazine & no case, box owner's manual etc.
Got a reply Monday =

Good afternoon,
I am sending you: Cable Lock, Soft Case, Box + Manual, and an 11 round Magazine under warranty.
If you have any questions, let me know.
Best regards,
Matt C | Customer Service
Team Springfield
420 West Main Street
Geneseo, IL 61254


Now that is customer service brother

SIG Glock Ruger Hk M&P S&W Springfield Taurus
35 Posts
Did you get yours from a dealer FTF? If so sounds like someone was dipping into the goodies. :mad:
That's exactly what happened, It was FTF at a near bye dealer
Like their brother/son/mom etc. bought one CHEAP & got an extra magazine + case-loader etc.
OR they really couldn't find it & the magazine & case will be sold when they find it out front OR maybe even call me?

I ordered two 11 round magazines & have a 13 & 15 now + if I get the Gear Up I'll have 7 total
More than enough
Great of SA to take care of me like that = Amazing!
They want satisfied customers so they will buy another Springfield in the future
I really like the XDs & Hellcats + SA's 1911s +
They make good stuff
They just don't seem to get the recognition in the USA like SIG Glock Ruger Hk etc.
The HS Produkt H11 is one Hell of a Pistol IMO

I have a SIG Sauer P365XL on layaway with three magazines & romeo zero optic for $485
It will be my 1st red dot handgun @ 56 years old
I have another romeo zero coming & paid $80 for it that will be going on my Hellcat OSP = #3
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