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OK, so I'm entertaining the idea of selling my 1911. I'd like to do a FTF in MO if possible to keep it cheap and simple. What I'd REALLY like is to trade for an XD 45 Tactical FDE or the new longer XDM in 45.

Started life as a GI. Mods include:
  • VZ slimline green/black grips ($60 alone!)
  • Flat MSH
  • YoBo Classic Rear sight - similar to the Mil-Spec taller fixed rear sight but no white lines or dots.
  • Custom fit barrel bushing
  • Front sight dovetail cut to allow windage and get rid of the annoying staked-in sight
  • New aluminum trigger with the action lightly worked over by a local gunsmith
Will also include some Hogue wraparounds.

Don't know why these photos came out so blue. This one shows the park/grip colors better, but shows it with the old trigger and curved MSH. Pretty sure I can find the old curved MSH if you want it as well.

Will include 2 Wilson 47D mags (black finish) and I'm pretty sure I still have the orig. case and GI grips in the attic. One point to note in the spirit of full faith and disclosure: The dovetail for the front sight is not 100% horizontal. It is maybe 2 to 3 degrees canted left. This is NOT easily noticable when looking at the gun, nor is is a distration when shooting. The ONLY point of note with this is that if you ever wanted to switch out the front sight, you would probably want to set your windage first with the front/rear sights and THEN file the front sight for elevation. Again, this is not really noticeable but I'm all about 100% disclosure from the beginning. Gun shows some shine on the edges/corners from being carried but nothing out of the ordinary. Oh! the plunger tube has been replaced with a Wilson Bulletproof tube, properly staked and loctited (I was tired of the old one working loose). Works perfectly, with a nice crisp on/off for the thumb safety.

Will entertain all offers for trade, with particular attention paid to those of you in-state. I can add cash for the right XD45, or FNP45, or whatever else cool you have. Will entertain all in-state offers over $450 cash. Not interested in a shipping trade or sale unless you have something astronomical to offer. :D Again, trades talk louder than cash. I never shoot this thing and it deserves to be shot!

PM me if interested or with questions. I'm not around here as much anymore and I might not catch your post reply.

Thanks for looking!
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