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Spotting scope??

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I'm could use some help from you guys. My father's going on an elk hunt later this year in eastern Arizona. It's a semi-guided hunt, as one of the other two guys is a guide (I forget the outfit he works for). They're hunting about 8500' in very mountainous country, so he's trying to conserve weight where he can.
Anyway, I wanted to get a compact spotting scope for him before he goes. What I'm looking for is at least 60-power upper magnification, as compact and lightweight as possible, hopefully one that's not angled view, for around $350.00 or less. I've checked several sites and have totally confused myself.
If any of you have, or know of, a scope that resembles my wish list I'd be very grateful for your input. Thanks.
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First, you are not going to save much weight with any spotter as compared to a really nice set of binoculars. That is mostly because you aren't going to have a 60x spotter that you can hand-hold and see anything out of it. That means carrying a tripod to support the spotter or some other sort of support.

Second, there is absolutely no need for a 60x spotter for elk hunting. You aren't spotting .30 cal holes in a target 600 yards away...you are spotting something that weighs 700lbs, is 5ft tall at the shoulders and is 8ft long!! Trust me when I say that 60x is WAY overkill for spotting elk.

If your dad is steadfast in wanting a spotter, I would suggest that he call the guide/buddy that is going with them and ask him for a list of gear for the hunt as well as talking to him about a spotter or set of binos.

Having "been there and done that", I can tell you that for $350, you can buy a teriffic set of binos. I would strongly recommend the following:

The Steiner Predator Pro 12x:
Steiner 12x40 Predator Pro Binocular

The Steiner Predator Pro 10x:
Steiner 10x40 Predator Pro Binocular

Both offer unparalled optics very well-suited for hunting/tracking. The 10x is $240 and the 12x is right at $350. Also, both of them weigh right at 1.5lbs.
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Thanks for the input, I'll have my dad talk some more to the guide about what's gonna work and what's overkill. I know that elk are large, but didn't really think about them being relative to a walking sheet of drywall! The idea for the spotter was my dad's, I was hoping to get him something he "needed" for the hunt. He's already got an excellent set of 10 or 12x bino's (Hensoldt/Wetzlar).
I had spent some time on OpticsPlanet, that's where I got overloaded.
Once again, thanks guys.
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