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Speedloader for XD40

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Anybody know of a speedloader that will work for the XD40. I just got my XD last Friday and have shot 350rds. Im fairly new to handgunning, so I guess I don't know any different, but it seems like it is extemely difficult to load the 11th and 12th rd into the mag. Go ahead and let it rip about me being a weenie, but if anybody has any suggestions please tell me.
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Another vote for the slightly modified HKS 941 Magazine Speedloader. The magazine base pad of the XD magazine is thicker than most. Just carefully cut out the next to the last base pad stop at the bottom of the speedloader with a sharp hobby knife. The plastic is soft enough to cut rather easily. Mine looks like it was made that way now. Works great.

It not only saves the fingers but also saves some time. No shame in using a speedloader!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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