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Bonzer said:
A quick question for you Pros. Do you carry your XD with a round
in the chamber? There are features on the pistol I like, and have started
to carry it daily over my Glocks. Whats the take on carrying "locked
and loaded"?
A BG can easily cover 21' (most gun fights occur at 7 yards or less) in the time it takes most people to draw their gun from a concealed holster. We did an exercise in one class where as a timer went off the shooter would draw and fire a shot. At the same time a person ran the opposite direction (behind and away) from the shooter. After the shot was fired the guy would stop running. You would be amazed at the distance a person can cover in the time it takes to draw. Now imagine if you had to also take the time to rack one into the pipe. How much time would that add to your draw? A gun that's not loaded when you need it to be doesn't do you much good.

Don't worry about your XD being safe, it isn't going to go off unless the grip safety is depressed AND you pull the trigger. Keep that finger outside the guard if you don't intend to shoot and you'll be fine, just like your Glocks.
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