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Bonzer, there is no reason not to carry a round in the chamber, and many reasons not to carry with an empty chamber.

The XD is a very safe modern firearm. It has several safeties, and it cannot fire without 1) a normal grip on the firearm, and 2) the trigger being pulled. It will not suddenly discharge if dropped, bumped, or the trigger snagged while holstering (so keep your hand off the grip safety while holstering).

One of the best arguments against carrying with an empty chamber was posted by Delija a few weeks ago. He reported how he was approached by three young punks and robbed. At least one of them had a knife.

His chamber was empty, and he stated that he did not feel that he had enough distance and time to draw his weapon and rack the slide, so he could not use his gun defensively. Worse yet, he feared it would be seen as he pulled stuff out of his pockets and he feared that the criminals might preemptively stab him if they saw it.

So, his empty chamber not only made his gun useless, it made his gun a danger.

I suggest that you place a new snap cap in the chamber and carry it like that for a week or so in your normal routine. If the firing pin is somehow tripped it will leave a dent in the virgin primer. If the primer is still undented after a week, you will know that your gun and your handling are safe. This is a method used by a lot of folks new to ccw who are a bit nervous about carrying a live round in the chamber, and it proves that their modern gun is truly safe to carry fully loaded.
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