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Hello, this is my first post on the forum.
Though I have extensively gone through all the popular threads related with the XD. There were some questions and guidance I felt I still needed as most of the information present was old, like 2015 or so.

A little introduction, I am from the south east Asian region. Here we can get both the XD springifled stamped pistols and the HS non springifled marked, same pistols different marking and boxes.
The xd/hs is not very popular here.
People generally want glocks but most of them are gun snobs just buying glocks because they sell for a premium here.

Now without taking more of your time, jumping straight to my question.
2 months back I bought the xd9 mod 2 service model. Seems like springifled has discontinued it but HS is still making it. I previously used a NORINCO NP22 THE SIG CLONE
Pretty hyped about the xd9 until I read the forum and other forums. Man people like to hate it religiously.
After much reading and shooting my own gun, I wanted to know, why does it have the 6o clock hold?
I have shot all the popular brands gun no one needed the 6o clock hold. Glock NORINCO cz sig Walther or the caniks. On the target sheet one can practice and aim below the bull just below the black circle to hit it'd center but what about other instances? Idpa, plinking water bottles at 15,25 yard. I find the idea of aiming below where you want to shoot very absurd. Secondly the much talked about issue the rollpin. It has made me paranoid, the cheap norinco np22 worked like a tank it had no weak link or a part that needed to be changed, even if I dry fired it.
People here recommended me canik, no rollpin issues and getting very very popular.
Just wanted to know has the roll pin issue been resolved?
Members who have their xd9 mod 2 how reliable has it been for you.
Wood Tints and shades Circle Pattern Symmetry

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gas Gun accessory

The target is from 15 meter I was aiming at center bull.
Thanks and looking forward for replies.

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Appreciate the replies.
I am not breaking my wrists or anything. The manual clearly states that the xd has been sighted in for a 6o clock hold.
Guess when plinking waterbottles and steel plates I'll just have to aim below them to hit the center.

Also I tried searching about torture tests, reliabity tests like the gauntlet military arms test for the xd9 but all I could find was 8, 10 year old videos. I guess it's just not a popular gun because of 3 main reasons I could gather by my research
1) made in Croatia
2) Springfield 2A issues
3) problems with the roll pin.
I was very eager to find the torture tests like other guns but sadly there are only a handful.
And the active self protection video calling it a mac rib of all side arms. Was salt on the wounds.
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