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As the review said, there is a very small burr where the hole is, need to be filed off. Now it fits in fine.

OK, I am probably just overlooking something very simple here but I just can't figure this out!

I bought this pivot pin installation tool from midway and it will not fit through the pivot pin hole on any of my lowers...2 Stag's and a CMMG.

MidwayUSA - Model 1 Pivot Pin Detent Installation Tool AR-15

The only review that is on the site for this product says that he had to polish off a burr to get it to go through the hole...I dont see any burrs on the tool itself.

It will only go in just up to the hole where I could fit the pin through the lower but it will not go any further through the pivot pin hole. Does anyone have this tool that has any input?

Thanks in advance...if you need photos i can post them.
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