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This is truly a rocket ship of an XD Tactical in 45 ACP. This gun belongs to an LE LT whose agency had no holster approved that would accommodate the ambi-thumb safety. The LT has gone to the Glock platform for duty. Pistol has performed flawlessly in training. Round count is something less than 3K. Gun was custom ordered from Barsto and had many of the mods done there, then sent it to Canyon Creek and had more work done. The gun itself was $503. There is about $1,400 total in it.

Mods include the following:

Extended CUSTOM grip safety. (Canyon Creek)
Extended CUSTOM 1911-style paddle Thumb safety (Canyon Creek), pictured and included, but [span style='text-decoration: underline;']NOT[/span] currently installed in the gun. The original thumb was re-installed in an attempt to make the gun more holster-friendly with the level three holster that was required)
Trijicon Night Sights (2010 approximately)
Trigger by Rich at Canyon Creek. 4.5.lbs. short reset
Barsto Stainless Match Barrel, fitted by Barsto
Grip Reduction and Texture
Stainless Steel Guide Rod
Extended Mag Release
Aluminum Magwell
Six new additional mags available. Make offer.

$675.00 (was $800.00) Includes original box with all the goodies, extended thumb safety (currently not in the gun) and three 13-round magazines, where legal. Payment by US Postal Money Order only. Payment will be mailed directly to the LT at the Police Department address to be provided. Pistol will be sent overnight to your FFL for the cost of the shipping. CA sales Ok (this is owned by an LE) , but no hi-caps.

First $675.00 takes it!
(was $800.00)
Do the math, an astounding value!
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