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Sold my xdtac

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Looking at a M&P 45, than reconsidered and put a XDM45 on layaway instead. Already have the mags. as long as it feeds SWC's it should be good.
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Well this going to be a good news bad news situation!!Popular opinion says that xd's will not feed swc's.I know(as I reload for myself swc's that the xd 45 will feed and shoot reliablely them.It took alot of tinkering but not impossible.I found that lengthen the overall cartridge length in increments to engage feed ramp correctly.You will really like the xd,very accurate.Mine just has a spring kit to reduce pull, that is all.I did no ramp modifying at all.By the way, I am from sw N.D. we are under a blizzard warning right now!!
I had a xd45 that I sold in order to buy
The m&p. That one didn't like the swc's.
Hopefully the m version will feed them
Better. So much for the hard feeding 1911, that the
Ammo works in. I hope the snow doesn't get too deep, it's
been a long winter.
How much snow did You get out there this year? I am in Valley City, flooding has been fun.
We have about an inch with probably 40+ mph winds!!I am waiting patiently for the S&W mp22 to be released!!I don't know what the fix for the flooding out east is??I work in compliance for a major crop insurance company so am well aware with your problems.Let me how it works out.I also would like to know if any pistol shooting competitions in the area?none around here;I grew up with a gun in my hands;went hunting alone at 8;I am actually a partially disabled 4th generation rancher with a bug for handguns!!The crop insurance gig came along after a severe neck injury.I still run 30 head as I have an addiction for the "cow " business!!Your 1911 should feed swc's also.Let me know maybe I can get you going on how to get them to feed reliably.Take care you're going to be getting some "crazy " wind in a little bit
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