Selling 2 left hand draw holsters that came with the XDS when I purchased it (used). I thought I would just hold onto them to pass on when I sell the pistol. Years later and I don't think I'll be selling the pistol anytime soon, so I'd rather offload.

Asking $20 total for both to pay for shipping. I just want them gone quickly.

I use AlienGear for my EDC holster and Blackhawk is tried and true.

1) Blackhawk SERPA CQC OWB Paddle (Model 2100270). GREAT shape. Also fits some SIGs and Glocks

2) AlienGear Cloak for 3.3" XDS OWB. Good condition. Leather is worn and there is superficial scratching on the molded plastic.

PayPal only. No trades.