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Soft air Gas blowback XD's

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Anyone know of anyplace selling the higher quality gas blowback soft air pistols in XD's? A web site would be appreciated. I am looking for one of the high quality models that runs on green gas has a slide that produces recoils the whole 9 yards.


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AFAIK no one is making Airsoft XDs yet....

Since the XD is a definitively American product and the HS2000 doesn't have Glock or 1911 popularity I bet it will be a while before we see one.
I don't think anyone is making them yet, but you could try www.jungletoy.com
I keep looking and waiting but not yet.
bump... I guess no one has started making an airsoft XD yet.
The airsoft people I talked too at the shotshow had no intrest.

Sorry, couldn't resist posting that :lol:
saw it today on another forum and laughed my ass off. :) lol
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1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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