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Someone posted on a paintball forum asking about prepping. I wrote a few things down, but I'm not done. Any suggestions or critiques would be greatly appreciated.





I highly suggest reading Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse by James Wesley Rawles ( He owns survivalblog.com)

Another good read is Lights Out by David Crawford

So you want to be a prepper? Wow where to start.

Supplies: Guns, Ammo, Food, Toilet Paper


Rifles- AR-15, AK-47, Ak-74 (Cheap ammo)
Shotgun- Remington 870
22LR: Ruger 10/22, Sig Sauer 522 (love mine, takes AR22 mags). Or 22lr conversion kit, if you go the AR route.

Glock 19
Springfield XD/M
Beretta M9

Revolvers: 22LR double action revolver is a nice thing to have


The only time you can have to much ammo, is if your house is on fire, or you are drowning.

Keep it simple, don't diversify. 22LR (When there is no hospitals running, a person will not want to get hit with anything), 9mm, and whatever rifle you choose. 5.56, 7.62x39, or 5.45x39
Throw in some 00buck, some slugs, and some birdshot. And your good for the shotgun.

Food: Of course pick stuff that lasts a long time
- Peanut butter, peanut butter peanut butter. High in protein and fat. Lasts a long time. And tastes good
- Honey, it lasts forever. Literally. This a great morale booster. Make sure it's real honey, and none of that high fructose corn syrup BS
- Beans, Lots and lots of beans. Smart and Final has good deal on beans
- Rice, white to be exact. Although white rice has less nutrients than brown. It lasts 5x longer.
- Instant mash potatoes, high in everything.
- Mac and Cheese, wait till you see a good deal on it.
- Powdered milk, Makes things tastes a whole of a lot better.
- Freeze dried margarine, same as powdered milk.
-Tuna, Don't buy the stuff in the can. You are paying net weight price for water. And it weighs a ton. I have these in my BOB ( Bug out Bag) http://www.walmart.com/ip/Great-Valu....4-oz/13399542
- Ramen, Not the most healthy thing. But has lots of protein.
- Protein powder, No you won't be buffing up at the gym, but this **** will save your life.

I cant think of anything else right now.

Water: It's heavy, really heavy something like a gallon weighs 8 pounds. What do we do?
Bottled water: Biggest waste of time and money.

Hydration bladders: Such as camelbaks, are great for on the move.

Bath tubs: If you know/think the water/ electricity is going to go out. Fill up all your tubs and sinks with water. Or if you have some spare scratch CAMP-205 - Water Bob and Siphon Pump Holds 100 Gallons in FDA Approved Bag

Water filters: You can research these yourself. Thousands of reviews and threads on these. A few words of advice, don't cheap out. And remember filters do not kill viruses. You need chlorine aka bleach to do this. Some people like to stock pile bleach, but it does have a shelf life. If you go the bleach route, make sure you get the UNscented. I bought a jug of powdered chlorine, that will treat 50,000 gallons. Should last a while.

Swimming pools: Got a pool? That's 10,000-20,000 gallons of water. Worried about chlorine? Don't worry, there is almost more chlorine in our tap water.

I have ran out of time, I will post more when I get a chance. If anyone has any suggestions or critiques to what I have said. Please say so. I am always willing to learn.

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Medicine: If you have any prescriptions, that are absolutely needed, try to stock up the best you can. Some people suggest going to Mexico. But crossing the border without a script is illegal. So think carefully before deciding.

-Antibiotics, If hospitals are non existent. Then antibiotics will be worth more than their weight in gold. If you still have some left over. Keep 'em. You can also go the Mexico route, but remember what I said earlier. Another option is getting antibiotics from a veterinarian store. Yes they are intended for animals, but it is the same exact thing.

- OTC (over the counter). Tylenol, Aspirin etc. Stock up. Get all the essentials, benadryl, pepto bismo (pill form), allegra. Don't forget the neosporin, rubbing alcohol, and hydrogen peroxide. By the generic stuff, it's all the same.

-Vitamins, vitamin C is a big one. But stock up on the rest.

Medical supplies: Bandaides, gauze, medical tape, quickclot, tampons. If you really want to be proficient, enroll in some EMT courses at your local community college. For $500 bucks, you will learn pretty much everything you need to know.

While on the subject of keeping your health, lets talk gas masks. If you are on a budget, gas masks (good ones) can be had, cheap. This is the best bang for your buck.

They can be had for anywhere from $11-$20. Make sure you get one with a drinking tube. They also make child sizes for the little ones. They say the filters are new, but I believe the filters are expired. The companies claim to not use a expired filter, but I'm not sure if that is just a marketing ploy or not. If you want to have some peace of mind, new production filters run about 40 bucks.

If you want to spend more money on a gas mask, go right ahead. You can spend quite a bit of money. But don't fear just because that Israeli gas is so cheap, that it's inferior. Israel gives one of those to each of it citizens. So needless to say, they have a few of them to spare, because they made a gazillion of them. If you do decide to get a different one, make sure it take a NATO filter (40mm).

Some say, " I'm not worried about a nuclear attack" Well even if we don't encounter radiation, there are plenty of times to have a gas mask. The valley area has plenty of micro chip plants, and chemical plants. Those alone should bring worry. Also a train can derail, who knows. For $15, it's worth the money.

Radiation: The chances of a nuclear bomb are slim, but the chances of a radiation leak, seem to be very prominent. We all know about Fukushima. But what about the Los Alamos fire. http://abcnews.go.com/US/los-alamos-...ry?id=13964006 or Fort Calhoun http://money.cnn.com/2011/06/28/news...lant/index.htm

Most Arizonians are down wind from Palo Verde. A gas mask will help, but definitely have some Potassium Iodine on hand. Just in case.... And lastly a gas mask will only do so much. Many chemicals will seep through the skin. A "bunny" suit will be the best best. Along with rubber boots, and gloves. Don't forget the duct tape.

You should also pick up some 3M- N95 masks. They are great to have when a gas mask is not needed, but there is crap in the air. ( When the towers fell) They can be found locally at Home Depot, paint supply stores etc.

Communications: Remember how many people had problems using their cell phones during 9/11? That is because everyone who had one, was calling at the same exact time. Hopefully 10 years later they have better infrastructure, but I wouldn't count on it. So what do we do, well we have a few options.

Internet- Depending on the situation, this is still an alternative. But it will only go so far. If trying to contact a loved one, who is not near a computer. Will still be a problem. If we can't use our cell phones to call, then more than likely we won't be able to send them an email to their phone either. Now in the case of a social unrest, the internet will only work, until martial law or what they like to call it now " state of emergency", the internet will be turned off. Think Egypt. The feds have tried on a few occasions to get signed into law a "internet kill switch". They would like it to be legit, but in reality, they have the power already. The NSA is a power to reckon with. " They could never do that, that goes against the Constitution!" Sorry they can. It's called Executive Order 10995, which states: All communications media are to be seized by the Federal Government. Radio, TV, newspapers, CB, Ham, telephones, and the internet will be under federal control.

Radios: A great thing to have, depending on the situation. Natural disaster, blackout etc. Many can be had without a license. When you get into the short wave stuff, then the FCC gets whiny, and makes you get a license. I believe you don't need to know Morse code to get the lowest Ham certification now. Don't want to talk and just listen?LOW-559 - Kaito VOYAGER Radio with Solar and Crank Weather Alert Black Multiband Radio with Cellphone and MP3-IPOD Charger That thing is pretty sweet. But again, if we get into the social unrest scenario. They will be useless. They will know exactly where the transmission is coming from.

Landline: I'm not talking about the phone lines. But an actual land line, that you string together yourself. Whether it be in to your neighbors in the suburbs, cabin to cabin. Or from bunker to op/lp (Observation Post/ Listening Post)

Signals: Whether it be hand signals Hand Signals, flag signals Semaphore Flag Signalling System, Light Signals Signal lamp - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Morse code is a valuable thing to know.

All in all. The best thing to have is a plan. If there was absolutely no way to communicate, you need to have a plan. Where to meet, where to go, etc etc.

Electricity, how we take it for granted. What would we do without it. Very rarely do we have black outs, but they do happen. Just recently in the South West. http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/...20103742.shtml Sometimes it's from human error, weather (wind, heat, solar storms) terrorism, social unrest ( everyone leaving the power plants to be with their families) or control. " Control, wtf are you talking about?" Remember those two words Executive Order? Well there is another one. Executive Order 10997: All electrical power, fuels, and all minerals well be seized by the federal government.

Now were are not trying to generate power to run our A/C. But maybe the fridge to prolong food life, or to keep a few lights on, and charge batteries.

So how do we generate our own?

Generators: They are a nice thing to have. Except they can get costly when you get into the big stuff. They use fuel, and they are loud. There were reports of people getting robbed, because they had a generator during the SW blackout. Imagine a country wide blackout. Also fuel will be a precious commodity, that most will reserve for transportation.

Solar Panels: Costly, but quiet and renewable. Just make sure they are not visible to prying eyes.

Human powered Generators: Some call them pedal generators, or hand crank generators. Some can be bought, or McGyvered. They are intended for keeping batteries charged.

Taking a break. Will continue later.

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"The best laid schemes of mice and men
Go often askew,
And leave us nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy!" .. Burns

Thanks for the info.

I've been prepping for several years now. Spent a lot of time and money on it. I'm getting to the end of "pepping", though.

Depends on what you need to do to have "peace of mind", IMHO.

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Step one, come up with a plan and a list of priorities for purchase. Once you have a gun and 100 rounds of ammo you will need a water filter before you'll need another 100 rounds and so on.

Also think about your preparedness in basically 2 phases with 2 steps per phase.
Phase one is you are all set to take care of yourself/your family for quite a while based off of stored preps.
Phase two is you are long term self sustaining, above I don't see seeds listed (maybe I skimmed) but stuff like that is needed for long term survival.
Step 2 of each of those is the ability to not just support you and your immediate family but an abundance to help friends and neighbors.

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Damn, lots of good things here ive over looked! I better get cracking and I do like the .22 bit, im sure that is one of the more over looked "tools" one can have but since I have plenty of them and ammo thats one thing to scratch off my list! but the seed thing.. that got me thinking a bit!

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Love my 5 10/22s but My go to beater/retreater 22 right now is a Marlin 795. After rebate you can get them for around $100.

This one holds 5 loaded mags + 50 extra rounds + other stuff inside the paracord wrapped stock. It has a GI web sling and Tech Sights.

Yeah, it is pretty accurate too...25 meters off of sand bag w/ Tech Sights, CCI Blazer ammo.


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Love my 5 10/22s but My go to beater/retreater 22 right now is a Marlin 795. After rebate you can get them for around $100.

This one holds 5 loaded mags + 50 extra rounds + other stuff inside the paracord wrapped stock. It has a GI web sling and Tech Sights.

Yeah, it is pretty accurate too...25 meters off of sand bag w/ Tech Sights, CCI Blazer ammo.

I just sold that very model of gun friday! was a nice gun but since my buddy was wanting a .22 I sold it to him, I still have a few 10/22's laying around so im not without.

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- Protein powder, No you won't be buffing up at the gym, but this **** will save your life.
A good protein powder or weight gainer is perfect dietary supplement in a low calorie environment. My recommendation is not to get whey protein but casein or egg protein. Whey protein is great, however, in a low calorie environment its not what you want (basically it is digested fast and into and then out of the bloodstream fast).

You have to check your tolerance to casein protein. For some people it doesn't agree with them.

Casein protein almost always has high calcium.

By getting a good protein supplement, you guarantee that you get the essential amino acids your body needs (essential amino acids are amino acids that your body can produce, most grain/vegetable types of proteins are deficient in one or more essential amino acids. I think there are 28 amino acids, and for most adults 8 of which are essential), and can get full daily vitamin supplement.

One of the best and its inexpensive brands is Now Foods. Unfortunately they don't make a casein protein.

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Concerning food ... Do not buy (horde) what you do not normally eat.

Knowledge is the key to survival ... Be vigilant and always ready to learn new things.

Adaptability of prior knowledge, and a positive attitude, is the true key to surviving what life throws at you.

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It's fun to collect all the gear. You'll get no argument from me on that. Better still, collect knowledge. Develop mental and physical toughness. Realize that there are two kinds of plans ... those that may fail and those that have failed. Remember the Rules of Threes: Three minutes without air; three hours without shelter; three days without water; three weeks without food and three months without hope. Always have three routes of ingress and egress. Always plan three steps ahead. Always have three plans. Without this kind of "prepping", all the gear and supplies in the world won't save you.

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Very true.

I have gear and valuable items stored but also have plans for growing the seeds I have in storage and am working on water purification and possible mass water storage and irrigation of the crops. In the same area, I can hunt deer, dove, waterfowl, turkey, rabbits, squirrel and other small game. We can eat prickly pears, wild grapes, dewberries and pecans.

I am also working on having books that show what native plants are edible and useful for medicines as well as some sort of medical books.

It pays to have the gear but also plans on how to use them or plans on what to do in case you are without electricity or running water or any communication systems.

We just don't know what we will run into.

- brickboy240

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I plan on hunkering down unless circumstances mandate a move. Ready for either. Lots of good stuff already mentioned. If I end up hunkering down and there is no electricity (lights) I have stored enough candles and oil for the oil lamps to last for a very vrey long time... I check out moving sales, estate sales and some 2nd hand stores and buy up on boxes of assorted candles REAL cheap. I "practice" now while boycotting my electric companies high prices... I honestly cannot remember the last time I used an electric light.... probably going on a year...

Oh yea, I live alone so it makes it easy to do whatever I want....


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I honestly cannot remember the last time I used an electric light.... probably going on a year...
So no electric lights but you use the internet?

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Remember the Rules of Threes: Three minutes without air; three hours without shelter; three days without water; three weeks without food and three months without hope.
I hadn't heard the "3 months without hope" I like that, where did you get that from?

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Oh wow I thought this thread died. I made a few more posts on that forum.

BOB's (Bug Out Bags)

I will repost the link, that I had in my first post. http://www.xdtalk.com/forums/shtf-su...r-bob-ghb.html

This will give you some ideas on what and what you don't want. But i'll share what I have in my pack. Let's start with the bag. You can spend anywhere from $30-$400 on a pack. The more expensive packs generally have more room, and special compartments etc. Remember the more stuff you put in there, will increase the weight. You have to decide if the weight is worth carrying. Don't forget you will have water, ammo, and weapons to consider also.

The Bag:
I went with this pack. It isn't the biggest, but can't beat it for the price of $29.99


It includes a compartment to store a hydration bladder of your choice. And also has two openings to put the tube through, whether you want it on the left or right hand side.

What I stuffed in mine.

(1) MRE. They are a little bulky size wise. But they include a chemical heater, and various condiments.
(20) 6.4 OZ packages of Tuna. They pack a lot of nutrients, but don't need to be cooked.
(4) Met-Rx Bars. Crammed with all sorts of good stuff. And surprisingly taste good.
(12) Granola Bars. Pick whatever tastes best.
(1) Neapolitan Ice Cream. Freeze dried from Mountain House. Everyone needs a dessert right?
Mountain House® Neapolitan Ice Cream

I'm thinking about throwing some peanut butter in, but again, worried about weight.

(12 pairs) Socks socks and more socks. Seeing as the weather is cooling down, I will throw in some wool socks.

(1) Bottle of foot powder. Remember the scene in Forrest Gump, when Lieutenant Dan told them to change their socks, every time they stopped. Well we aren't in 'Nam, but we still have to take care of our feet.

(1 set) Rain gear. Thankfully we live in Arizona. But it will rain at the worst possible time. If you are on a budget, Dollar Tree sales ponchos for 2for$1.

(1) Small roll of duct tape.

(2) Rolls of electrical tape

Let it shine:
Flashlights: Although I love my Surefire flashlight, the batteries are expensive, and hard to find. Home Depot had a smoking deal on LED flashlights. 15 flashlights, including 45 AAA batteries for $10. They might run the deal again, so stop into Home Depot when ever you get a chance.

(4) Small LED flashlights
(1) Hand crank flashlight
(10) Chem lights/ Glow sticks. Dollar Tree sales 2for$1. They last just as long as the expensive ones
(1) Head lamp
(1 roll) Small roll of Lens Repair Tape. Why? To put over the flashlights as a filter. Basically make it harder to be detected at night.

(1) Large Fixed Blade Knife. There are many great knives to choose from. Such as Esee, SOG, Kershaw etc etc. I would spend no less than $50.

I also picked up a hatchet/knife combo at Big 5 for only 20 bucks. And they seem to be good quality. And most importantly, are light.

(1) Multi tool. I'm sure mostly everyone has one. But the question is, is it one you got for $5,one that you could still smell the sweat from the sweatshop on it. I watched 127 hours recently, it was an ok movie. But the scene that cracked me up, was when he was regretting buying a cheap multi tool. I'm a big fan of Gerber.

(1) Small knife sharpener. http://www.amazon.com/Smiths-Knife-S.../dp/B001DB99SO

Eye/Ear Protection:
(1) Sunglasses. The sky is the limit on what you spend. Just don't forget a hard case to protect them.
(1) Goggles. Whether you rip the bottoms off your proflexes, use dirtbike or snowboard goggles. Goggles are crucial.
(5 pairs) Ear plugs. Dollar Tree sells them for cheap.
(1) Electronic Hearing muffs. Ever watch a movie or tv show. And there is a gun battle, and no one is wearing ear protection? And right after the shooting stops, they are all talking in a normal indoor voice? Ya, that is BS. The down side of ear plugs, is everything gets blocked out. But electronic hearing muffs, give you the best of both worlds. Infact, they will give you enhanced hearing when you have the volume turned up. Don't cheap out on these. For $50, you can get a really nice pair.

Don't forget the batteries. I have 50 AAA's. All will work in the flashlights, and earmuffs.

(10) Surgical mask, Dust storms, barter, etc.
(1) Gas Mask. I rock the Israeli Civilian Model. http://www.amazon.com/Israeli-Issue-...7181631&sr=8-5

(10 pairs) Nitride gloves.
(1 pair) " Mechanics" gloves. Some people use batting gloves etc.
I need to throw in a pair of winter gloves. Nothing worse than cold hands,feet, or ears.

(1) Bar of soap.
(Package) Baby Wipes. Quick and easier way than using soap.
(1) Roll of floss. Floss is very important. In fact more important than brushing your teeth. Your dentist is not BS'ing you.
(1) Small bottle of hand sanitizer.

(Lots) Bandaides, in all sorts of different sizes.
(Lots) Gauze
(20) Alcohol Pads
(1) Roll of medical tape
(5) Tampons. Great way to stop EXternal bleeding.

(1) Tube of neosporin
(1) Bottle of bite/sting reliever
(100) Capsules of antihistamine (Benadryl)
(40) Capsules of PeptoBismo
(100) Tablets of 1000Mg Vitamin C
(40) Cough drops
(100) Caffeine tablets
(2) Bottles of Eye drops
(3) Small things of Super Glue. (Super glue was invented to close up wounds during the Vietnam war)
(1) Bottle of Sunscreen
(6) 125mg Potassium Iodine


75 foot of 3/8"
200 foot of 550 cord.

Emergency Blanket:
Fire starters:
(4) Lighters. Don't cheap out, buy the good 'ol bics
(2) Fire starters. Some people will spend a lot of money on these. I bought some from Harbor Freight, they work great.

(1) Compass. You can get a good compass for around 20 bucks
(1) GPS.They can be had for pretty cheap. 100 bucks for a good one. Just remember they take batteries, and can break. So maps and a compass are still needed.

Signal mirror: With over 300 days of sun, it is a great thing to have in Az.

Trash bag: Large ones preferably. Whether to store stuff, use a improvised poncho etc. But know that many trash bags are treated with chemicals to cut down the smell of rotten trash. So don't store food or water in these.

Gun cleaning kit: A small bottle of oil, solvent, and a bore snake for each caliber you are using.

Balloons: To celebrate your birthday while in the bush! Nah, to put over your barrels to keep out dirt, water etc.

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So no electric lights but you use the internet?

Don't tell anyone, but I do most (90%) of my "surfing" at work...:cool:

I do not have any cable or satelite television, I do have a VHS and DVD player hooked into my TV and once in a great while I will watch a movie but other than that, I have also not watched any television in my home for probably better than a year. I do a lot of cooking on the grill, I do use electricity for the fridge, and to use my battery charger if I need to charge up a vehicle or boat battery and also natural gas for the hot water heater and also not to often, the gas stove cook top... And thats about it....

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