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The 11th annual Single Stack Classic has a new name in 2005. It's "The Springfield Armory Single Stack Classic."

And with the change in name comes some exciting changes in the way prizes are distributed.

Here's the deal. Team Springfield Captain Rob Leatham has won all ten Single Stack Classics. Chances are, he will win again. If Rob wins number 11, the second place winner will win a brand new Springfield Custom 1911. If by some fluke, somebody beats Rob, that somebody can choose between the brand new Springfield Custom pistol and the actual gun Rob shoots the match with. That's right. Rob will reach into his holster, pull out the actual gun he shot the match with and hand it over. The overall match winner is not eligible for any additional prizes as an individual class winner.

Guns will be awarded to the winners of each class
(Master, A, B, C, D,). Class winners will receive a certificate for a Springfield Armory G.I. 45 (PW9801).

If a stage winner happens to win while shooting a Springfield Armory 1911, a full-custom pistol will be awarded in place of the G.I. 45, which will be awarded to the second place finisher in that class. These custom guns have been donated by Richard Heinie and Matt Davis of Heinie Specialty Products, Jim Garthwaite, George Smith of EGW, and John Harrison of Precision Gun Works.

Shooters registering before March 15 are eligible for a drawing for a free match entry and a one-day shooting clinic with 10-Time Single Stack Classic Champion Rob Leatham.

The Match will be held on April 29 and 30 at P.A.S.A. Park in Barry, IL. It is open to 200 shooters and will consist of 10 - 12 challenging stages.

Entry Form
City Center Quincy - Match Hotel (217) 222-2666

Or maybe not. :oops:

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hey, no harm in dreaming :D if you ever win, all i ask is a photo of the gun that you won :wink: lots luck :!:

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Make sure you visit the Gypsy Woman the day before the match, and take something that belongs to Leatham and some fingernails clippings or hair of his so she can make a good Leatham Voodoo Doll.

That's the best suggestion I can come up with...oh! Or you could spike his water bottle with LSD. WAIT!!!!! You could hire Tonya Harding to WHACK HIS KNEEES WITH A PIPE!!!!! YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! That's the TICKET!!!
:twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Wait. Did I type that out loud? Uhhhmmmmmmm....NEVERMIIIIIIND. :oops:
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