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Sneaky Pete

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Does anyone use the Sneaky Pete holster with the XDS 4.0?
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Not I.
Nor I!
Nor do I
I'm afraid it will steal my wallet. They call it a Sneaky Pete for a reason. Be careful!

But seriously, no. I don't feel you can get an efficient draw on you pistol using that set up.
I don't either, but, welcome from Central Florida.
Don't think I'd use one of these for anything.
Here in Savannah Ga they snatch it off you in second thinking it carried iPhone or EBT card.
I use 1 for a Kahr CM9 and it works great. Nobody is going to snatch it from you if you get the belt loops model. It has easy access and does not mark you with having a gun.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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