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Silver bullet

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I heard that a silver bullet would stop a vampire. Anyone know who sells them? I figure it wouldn't hurt to have some handy, you know, just incase.
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dear god someone is going to get hurt....
silver bullets are only for werewolves, i've heard silver nitrate may work even better b/c it's liquid, but i haven't been able to catch enough live werewolves for an adequate case study.
if you shoot a vampire w/ one you will be SOL, however, they dislike garlic, holy water burns them, but the only 2 things that will kill the undead, are 1. direct sunlight, and 2. a wooden stake through the HEART, just stabbing them in the chest won't help. don't try to save a few bucks here either, spend the $ and get some nice hardwood stakes, hope this helps, happy hunting - VanHeilsing
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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