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Silver bullet

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I heard that a silver bullet would stop a vampire. Anyone know who sells them? I figure it wouldn't hurt to have some handy, you know, just incase.
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::lost on the ammount of sarcasm that should be applied to this post:: :?
sturmruger said:
I think blade was using silver bullets packed with garlic concentrate. He also had that special sword that seemed to make short work of them.
Yeah, Blade had some awesome bullets for you.

If a bullet is marinated in Coors Light... if you take enough rounds, could you get drunk???

Can you cycle "Ghostbuster" ammo through the XD or do you need a conversion barrel???
Who's ONFM??? :?
inmyownsummerami said:
Nope, Coors is just water with a slight beer flavor
Nah... that's good ol' "Pullman Water" aka Busch Light. Don should know about that one. :D

What would you use to kill an alien???
1of2 said:
I keep a squirtgun by my bed for the aliens (signs)
Just swing. :lol:
1 - 5 of 46 Posts
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