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***Sold, thanks for your interest***

$350 (shipped to FFL from FFL) or PM with offer.

Selling Sig P250sc with 500 rounds through it. Prefer face to face at local FFL, will throw in a 50ct box of Blazer Brass FMJ 9mm if local. Sorry no CC. Will accept cash (face to face only please, mailing cash is bad) or money order. Check with me for certified checks, if your bank is in my area then I'm good with certified checks.

Selling because I need the money right now. If you are local and you buy my XDs and M&P as well as the Sig I'll throw in a two box of 50ct Blazer Brass 9mm.

Comes with:

Everything it came with new
Short pull trigger *not installed
FoxX IWB holster

IMG_20140801_202933503 by Waterheeter, on Flickr

IMG_20140801_202857675 by Waterheeter, on Flickr

IMG_20140801_202844431 by Waterheeter, on Flickr

IMG_20140801_203145163 by Waterheeter, on Flickr

IMG_20140801_203215865 by Waterheeter, on Flickr

IMG_20140801_203229896 by Waterheeter, on Flickr
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