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I am going to try to add some additional insight into gripping the gun.

1st make sure the the gun is unloaded and that there is no ammunition in the same room.

2nd locatate a direction that you can safely point the gun so that if it went of it would not destroy anything important. One of the most often heard things is that the gun was empty when it fired on it's own.

Pick up the gun and place it in your non shooting hand with the barrel between your thumb and fore finger and the trigger guard resting in your palm.

Place your shooting hand on the back of the grip jamming the web of your hand between the thumb and fore finger as high as possible, keeping the fingers extended & outside the trigger guard.

Keeping the fore finger extended along the slide, close your shooting hand around the grip with about the same tension or grip you would have on a hammer if you were going to drive in a 10 penny spike.

Take the non shooting hand and wrap the fingers around the fingers on the grip so that the thumbs are touching each other. Stand so your feet and shoulders are pointing the same direction.

Fully extend both arms out in front of you & see where the gun is pointing, close your eyes and move your arms back & forth like a tank turret & let them center. Open your eyes and this is known as your Natural Point of Aim. Most people will be pointing in the opposite direction as their strong side so move the strong side foot back slightly so you are pointing in the direction you want to shoot. The shot pattern that you describe is known as "Milking" in that as you squeeze the trigger the fingers on the grip are also squeezing.

One way to eliminate "Milking" is to get a small ball and put it in your hand in a shooting grip & as you watch TV try to move your trigger finger without squeezing the ball.

Since you said you can't shoot with both eyes open, you need to find the dominate eye. Find a spot on the wall 10-15 feet away, bring both hands up in front of you fully extended and form a small circle (1-2" diameter) with the thumb and fore finger of both hands. Staring at the spot, bring both hands back in front of you so that you can only see the spot through your fingers with 1 eye. This is your dominate eye and the 1 you should be looking for the front sight with.

After all this then you can start to worry about trigger squeeze, breath control, follow through, sight picture & sight alignment. And I'm hoping you know what all of those mean.
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